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Sunrise Coffee up Slieve Bearnagh

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Mourne Mountains | Co. Down | Jan "20


Being totally aware I am not a morning person, the thought of a sunrise walk up the mountains has never been much of an appeal to me! However, with the New Year round the corner I managed to convince myself it would be a good idea to welcome in the New Year’s sunrise a top of my favourite mountain in the Mournes, Slieve Bearnagh…

And I’m so glad we did in the end! Not only did we get to take advantage of the later sunrise you get in the winter months, but the views we got on top where even more spectacular than I could have imagine. By the time we reached the summit of Bearnagh we got the stove on for a coffee, nestled in between the granite slabs which towered over us and sat still amongst the quite of the dawn…watching the sky change from dusky pinks to deep blues as the sun slowly burned its way through the clouds.

Only once was the silence broken by a raven’s call and a group of keen fell runners-who didn’t hang around for too long being dressed in only shorts and t-shirts.

If you’ve ever been mulling over the idea of sunrise walk in the mountains I can confirm it is worth it- and that is coming from someone who barely functions without their morning coffee!

For me the main appeal of this sunrise walk was being able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on top of the mountain and so we tried using our Bialetti for the first time, which worked a treat! We usually use an amazing invention that Primus made which is part pot part french press but as we weren’t worried about weight we thought the Bialetti was better suited for a stronger brew! And of coarse the coffee was enjoyed all the more for having my Mourne Mountain Enamel Mugs to drink it out of ;) -as seen below

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