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Finding Snowdon's hidden lake

Llyn Glas - Cwm Glas | The Snowdon Massif | May '21


Determined to find the least crowded route along the Snowdon Massif, I came across the valley of Cwm Glas when reading up on potential walks. Within this valley lies the small llyn Glas, a remote and picturesque lake. Hidden out of sight, the llyn lies under the shadow of the infamous Crib Goch. Standing at the water's edge, it's hard to grasp the true scale of this landscape, as the knife edge ridge of Crib Goch and the impressive rock face of Clogwyn Y Person towers high above you.

Clogwyn Y Person

It was not only the reported remoteness of this valley though that drew me to the lake for a potential swimming spot, but also the intriguing island that lay home to a small spurce tree. This mysterious islanded lake revealed itself to us in a hidden plateau once we scrambled up the end of the steep valley. A still and bright morning in this sheltered dip meant we were able to enjoy views of galss-lake water reflections.

Llyn Glas island

And with no-one to be seen I was able to enjoy a quick dip in the lake before beginning my plein air studies. Much to my surprise though, the water depth was only up to my knees and very boggy underfoot, making it more challenging to fully immerse myself in the water. But the bracing cold shock of this mountain lake certainly woke me up nonetheless!

With only a meadow pipit's song cutting through the silence, I was able to document the landscape post-swim in the form of sketches and watercolours, before continuing my climb up to the pass at Crib Goch.

Crib Goch

From here we scrambled along the ridge towards Garnedd Ugain, enjoying the views of llyn Glaslyn below with its intense turquoise blues. It was only here we joined the crowds of people as we continued on up to Yr Wydffa's summit, which certainly made us appreciate the quietness of the first half of the walk!

Llyn Glaslyn

After enjoying the clear air views from the summit we joined the long lines of walkers down Pyg track for our descent back to the car. Leaving Llanberis pass with tired feet and slightly sunburnt noses, I spent the rest of the journey home thinking of plans for my next visit to llyn Glas!

Pyg Track


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