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Wintering on Cruit Island

Updated: Apr 9, 2021


Crossing the causeway from mainland Donegal onto Cruit Island I always get a feeling of excitement and anticipation (even if it is a rather small crossing and It’s not exactly somewhere new to me!)

Part of a constellation of islands and inlets dotted around Donegal’s west coastline in the An Ros region, Cruit Island is one of my favourite spots to visit during the more quieter months of winter and early spring. With its many secret coves and hidden beaches only accessible at low tide there is something special about the remoteness and isolation you can feel, only to be reminded of you’re location when you catch a glimpse of Mt Errigal towering over the horizon.

In Winter the elements create an atmosphere of excitement and elation as the winds and pounding waves of the Atlantic crash in around the island. Catching the low light on an evening walk along one of the many beaches, the light hits the sand and boulders to create a golden glow, with islands like Arranmore fading into the distance in purples and greys.

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